Kangana Ranaut has been in the news a lot lately for everything from her controversial revelations about past relationships to phenomenal acting in her latest film, Simran. However, a recent campaign by the actress is once again highlighting important issues that need to be spoken about. Kangana Ranaut urges women to fight against eve-teasing with a new FitToFight campaign. The ad aims at breaking the stereotype that ‘women don’t fight.’ The empowering video campaign of the new cause was recently released where Kangana in association with sports apparel brand, Reebok is seen pushing a woman to stand up and fight against eve teasing. Kangana Ranaut ravishes in red at Reebok’s first Fit To Fight Awards 2016.

The video has Kangana giving the most powerful and impactful voice-over as a woman is shown as a victim of eve teasing in her locality. The girl is teased by a few guys as she walks down a deserted street wearing a crop top. However, instead of backing down, the girl is shown undergoing boxing training and later takes on the group of guys and shows them their place. The beautiful video ends with an important message that girls can fight.

Kangana has made several inspirational and empowering statements like “fight more, be more, be more human” and “Don’t just frown, step up and see the challenged back down,” among others. The video will motivate every single person to be more confident and simply powerful. This ad for Reebok India captures a woman’s emotions to perfection.

Watch Video of Kangana Ranaut Shattering the #GirlsD̶o̶n̶t̶Fight Stereotype

This is the second edition of the #FitToFight campaign by Reebok India. The campaign was started to push women to be the best version of themselves. The #FitToFight 2017 has made its main issue as eve-teasing and the brand and Kangana are trying their best to push women into breaking the stereotypes.