You are about to witness something that you have never witnessed before; a half fox-half human! Yes, in Pakistan half fox-half human, Mumtaz Mahal plays the mythical creature at Karachi zoo. In Agra you find Mumtaz Mahal signifying a lover’s fort but in Karachi Mumtaz is not in a temple of love but has become an amusement creature for people who come to see her at the Karachi zoo.

Inside a separated space in the zoo lives a small creature over a cot-like table. The creature has a human face over a body of a fox. The half fox-half human, Mumtaz Mahal entertains zoo visitors in Karachi.The zoo was known by the name Gandhi Gardens before, but today zoo has almost all animals caged, including the half fox-half human. Mumtaz Mahal means ‘beloved ornament of the palace’, which is sadly not the state of this Mumtaz. The exhibit enthralls the zoo visitors also with fortune telling! (ALSO READ: ‘Tree Man’ Abul Bajandar to get rid of tree-like roots from hands and feet soon).

This mythical creature is indeed peculiar and entertaining for the people visiting the zoo. It looks like a princess dolled up with a bushy tail and the only exhibit in the zoo that can talk. Although people are really excited to see half fox-half human, Mumtaz Mahal but the truth is that it’s a dead fox.The head is that a man, dolled up like a woman. People have been visiting the place since many years only to be amused by this trick oriented exhibit with bright lipstick and cakey make-up entertaining people.Check out the video to know more about the half fox-half human, Mumtaz Mahal.