Actor Karan Johar once again gave back to a troll who tried to target him for his sexuality on social media. The filmmaker didn’t hesitate in pulling up a Twitter user who called him ‘gay’ and said that he should have a film made on his life. The tweet, which now stands deleted after KJo’s reply, read, “Karan Johar ke life pe ek movie banani chahiye. Karan Johar: the gay.” (sic)

Karan, who never shies away from talking about his sexuality, gave a sarcastic reply to the user. He thanked him for his thoughts and told him that he was the most important voice on Twitter. Karan said, “You absolutely orignal genius! Where have you been hiding all this while??? Thank you for existing and emerging as the most prolific voice on Twitter today!!!” (sic).

Earlier as well, trolls tried to mock the producer-director for his sexuality. However, KJo always stood up for himself. He admitted on a chat show recently that he used to get upset and angry on people mocking him for his sexuality. However, he said he has learnt to deal with them in a better way now. KJo said that it amuses him everytime when he wakes up to abuses and people making fun of him on social media. Summing up all the discussions about his sexuality on social media by the trolls, KJo said, “I was born a man. I’m proud to be a man. I have a woman in me. And that makes me more of a man.”

He added that people having an opinion on his sexuality is not offensive but what is problematic is when they make ‘gay sound bad.’ KJo said, “I mean you can talk about what you think my sexuality is, that is your prerogative, but if you are commenting and making gay sound bad that’s when I have a problem because that means you have a sick mind, an uninformed mind, and an uneducated thought process.”