People around the world are full of talent but there are very few who get a chance to showcase it to the world. However, the internet is such a place where netizens do dig out talent and applaud for them. A Karnataka cop named Chandrakant Hutgi found a unique way to bring his work and his hobby together. The 52-year-old constable of Hubli Rural Police station has now taken the internet by storm for turning his fibre lathi into a flute.

The video of him playing the flute from his lathi has gone viral on social media. The video of his melodious tune was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Bhaskar Rao. Sharing the clip, he wrote, “Chandrakant Hutgi, Head Constable from Hubli Rural Police station has converted his Deadly Fiber Lathi into a Musical Instrument… we are proud of him.” (sic)

The video has received over 3,000 retweets and 13,743 likes.

Watch the video here:

“Making musical instruments and playing them has been my hobby for long. I turned the fibre lathi, given to me for policing, into a flute to play folk songs when free from work, Chandrakant Hutgi told IANS.

“Rao called me to Bengaluru on Monday with the musical lathi and play for him in his office after he heard from his colleagues at Hubli that I converted it into a flute. He also rewarded me,” said Hutgi.

“Since the video clip went viral earlier in the day, I have been getting calls from colleagues, friends and relatives and congratulatory messages,” chuckled Hutgi.

“To kill boredom or break the monotony, I play the flute and entertain my colleagues after duty hours. My seniors asked me to play the flute on May 23 after vote count at the Dharwad counting centre,” recalled Hutgi.

When Hutgi was posted on security duty at Dattapeetha shrine in Chikmagalur’s Baba Budangiri hills for a week in December 2017, he converted the lathi into a flute in free time and fine-tuned it to play folk songs and Kannada film songs some times.