After a long wait, Karva Chauth chand was finally sighted in several parts of the country and women across India has completed their fast. The moon was sighted in Delhi, Gurugram, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. On the occasion, ladies wake up before sunrise to eat sargi and in the evening deck up for Karva Chauth katha and moon sighting. For the Karva Chauth katha, the ladies sitting in the circle sing traditional song and exchanges their thalis.

The whole day of celebrations includes the application of mehndi, getting sargi from the mother-in-law, preparing Karva Chauth thalis for the special vrat katha and ending the fast with offering argha (water) to the moon and touching husband’s feet.

The festival begins early morning before the sunrise.

Karva Chauth puja muharat: From 5:50pm till 7:05 pm

Karva Chauth Upavasa time: From 6:28 am till 8:16 pm

As history goes, Rani Veervati. Karwa Chauth Story is about Rani Veervati. Veervati was the only sister of seven brothers. She spent her first Karwa Chauth at her parents’ house. She was waiting desperately for the moon to rise, seeing her hungry and thirsty, her seven brothers showed her a fake moon using a peepal tree and a mirror.

It’s also a mythological saying that Draupadi used to observe fast after she got married but once so happened that Arjun went to Nilgiris for penance and in his absence, his brothers faced a lot of problems. When Draupadi asked Lord Krishna for help, he advised her to observe fast as similar to Parvati’s fast for her husband Lord Shiva.