One of the most revered Hindu festivals in India, Karva Chauth is finally around the corner! This year, the auspicious day will be celebrated on October 17. It is a significant day for married women as they observe fast and offer prayers for the longevity of their husbands.

The early morning sargi, the endless wait for the moon, the chance to dress up as a bride again–all these add up to the excitement of the big day!

However, festivities and love aside, it is one of the most difficult fast to be observed because one has to fast day long without even taking a sip of water. Those who are fasting for the first time may find it more difficult. When one fasts, a lot of toxins are released from the body which makes one feel lazy and moody, so it’s important to be prepared for the day and also exercise caution. Here are some tips to ensure easy and healthy fasting

Dos of Karva Chauth Fasting


  • The Karva Chauth day begins with eating ‘sargi’ before sunrise. Eating lots of protein and fibre rich food as a part of sargi will keep you full throughout the day
  • Nuts such as cashews, almonds and raisins and dairy products are a good source of protein for you.
  • In case, you feel dizzy, practice pranayama which allows you to control your breathing pattern.
  • Indulge in some type of light activities for the entire day to divert your attention from fasting.
  • Keep yourself occupied by listening to music or take a power nap to keep yourself relaxed.
  • When you break the fast, nourish yourself with nutrients by consuming yogurt, juices and salads.
  • Opt for home-cooked food instead of going out to a cafe or restaurant after breaking the fast
  • But, in case you have to dine out, make sure you stick to salads and healthy food.



Don’ts of Karva Chauth Fasting

  • Avoid oily and fried food as a part of ‘sargi’ as they can lead to acidity.
  • Don’t break your fast with tea as having tea on an empty stomach raises the acidity levels and causes stomach pain and uneasiness.
  • Avoid oily food for dinner (after breaking the fast) as it will make you feel bloated and nauseous.
  • If you are pregnant, do not abstain yourself completely from water and food, otherwise your baby’s health may deteriorate. Opt for a bowl of fresh fruits
  • Do not exert your mind and body during the day as stress saps energy out faster


Wishing you all a happy and a healthy Karva Chauth this year!