The rising mercury levels this summer is making people lose their minds and while the rest of the country bears the brunt of the unforgivable heat waves, Kashmir surely knows how to make the most of the sweltering season. A picture trending viral currently on Twitter is proof of the same.

Showing ice frozen along some stairs carved at the bottom of a mountain, with a waterfall from one nook above it, the picture features soft drinks placed along it in neat rows. Though the names are not clearly visible on the bottles, Tweeples guess them to be Fanta, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and other famous soft drinks bottles and cans sold in the country. Apart from those placed in neat rows, some bottles were hoarded, stacked in ice, next to the open-air refrigerator. The picture was shared by an IPS officer in the valley, Shailendra Mishra, who captioned the picture as, “It’s summers. And this is how in Kashmir we chill our drinks. Cheers” (sic).

While the authenticity of the picture is not certain, it surely cracked up tweeple who broke the post with their humorous comments. One user tweeted, “Beer is missing #JustSayin” (sic), while another wrote, “Wow! This is natural fridge & natural bar! Cheers!” (sic) and yet another commented, “But y do u need chilled drinks at this temperature?” (sic).

Check Twitter’s reaction on the post here:

As the weekend commences, Twitterati surely have their drinking choices sorted and we are not surprised. Let us know what you think of this picture too!