Apparently the Southwest Patty Melt from Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s is pretty hot, but it can’t be hotter than the model Kate Upton! Yes, Kate Upton is featured in this ad spot. She is seen sweating down her cleavage after munching onto the huge spicy burger. The burger is so hot and spicy apparently that she has to strip down her clothes to ease the heat off!

Kate Upton has joined other celebrities who have over sexualized the burgers just like Paris Hilton , Kim Kardashian and Padma Lakshmi have done before.

Well after seeing her chew down the burger you will leave thinking about your diet plans and will start wondering whether the burger actually creates such a physical reaction after indulging in it or not! Kate Uptons classic ad is referred to as in fact, the greatest food ad ever made.

Watch the sizzling hot video below!