It’s the season of love and just no movie can match the beauty and poignancy of the romance told by Titanic. Jack and Rose – the two lovers who made is feel their joy and then shed bucketful of tears at their pain, the lovers became as synonymous to us as the great lovers of our times. The tragic love story of Jack and Rose has been recounted multiple times and there are even internet memes and theories on how both could have been saved and led a happy life later. However, there are some thing you do not know. That Kate Winslet was only 19 when she was first auditioned to be Rose! By the time the movie finished filming, she turned 22. Quite a young rose!

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Did you know that before Kate, some of the biggest names in the industry in those days – Uma Thurman,  Winona Ryder, Gyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes and Gabrielle Anwar had been considered for the role and they all turned it down! When Kate came to know of the fact, she pushed her luck and began to try every method to land the role. She sent director James Cameron daily notes from England and cajoled him till he finally relented and called her for the auditions! She even sent him a bouquet of roses in order to persuade him to sign her on and signed the card as, “From your rose.” She kept calling him even after the auditions and finally, as Cameron had already been quite convinced by her screen test, agreed to cast her.

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But then, did you know that while Kate felt that she was meant to be Rose, she felt Leo was even better a Jack! Right after she auditioned with Leo, she told Cameron – even if you don’t choose me as Kate, pick him! Wow! Now that’s amazing! Here’s the first ever screen test of Kate, the first time ever that a 19 year old Kate played the affluent socialite Rose in Titanic, a role that changed her career forever and gave us one of the most heart-breaking love-stories of our times!

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