Thrissur: There is no time or age for love and a couple from Kerala has proved it again! On Saturday, a couple, who are in their 60’s decided to tie the knot after they fell in love with each other at an old age home in Thrissur.

As per reports, Lakshmi Ammal knew Kochaniyan Menon for 30 years as he was her late husband’s assistant, however, they lost touch a few years ago.

Ammal stayed with her relatives after her husband’s death, and later moved to the care home two years ago while Kochaniyan reached the same care home two months ago. Soon, the two developed a friendship that blossomed into love and they decided to get married.

When Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Shivakumar learned of their love story, he decided to join the celebration too. During the wedding, Shivakumar offered Lakshmi Ammal’s hand in marriage to Kochaniyan. Lakshmi wore a red silk saree and put jasmine flowers in her hair while Kochaniyan looked dapper in traditional off-white ‘mundu’ (wrap around sarong) and a shirt.

As the wedding pictures and videos of the couple went viral, Twitterati couldn’t help but shower them with love and wishes

Congratulations to the lucky couple!