Remember the video that went viral during Kerala’s recent floods? It was a video of a volunteer, down on all fours in the flood waters, letting a woman step on his back to get into a rescue boat. The volunteer KP Jaisal is a fisherman, who came out on to the flooded streets with his fishing boat to help the people. He was hailed as a hero of the rescue and relief operations. For his heroic efforts during the Kerala floods, a Kozhikode-based Mahindra dealer Eram Motors has gifted him a brand new Mahindra Marazzo, which was launched just this week at Nashik by Mahindra. The Kozhikode district’s first Marazzo is now Jaisal’s own. Kerala Excise and Labour minister TP Ramachandran officially handed over the key to the Marazzo to Jaisal.

Check out the picture here:

Mr Jaisal is no less than a star now because of a video which went viral last month. This video showed Mr Jaisal lie down in flooded water, with face down. He did this so as to help old women, and children to get on rescue boats by letting them climb on his back and walk over to the boats. His video went viral not only in Kerala, but all over the globe.

You can watch the video here:


There were many rescue workers who helped to provide relief to the people of Kerala. Jaisal was extremely happy to have received the gift and would use it for social good, whenever he can, in the future too. Jaisal told the media that he was told by the NDRF team there was a stranded woman who was in a location difficult to reach. He expressed his willingness to give it a shot, and the NDRF provided their rubber boat to Jaisal. As the woman was suffering from bleeding, he thought that she would have found it difficult to step into the boat on her own, and that was what prompted him to act as he did.