Kochi: Without caring about society’s beauty standards, a Kerala woman officer shaved off her knee-length long hair, all for a greater cause. Moved by the plight of cancer patients, a senior civil police officer of Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district, 46-year-old Aparna Lavakumar donated her beautiful long locks to make wigs for cancer patients.

And the internet is in awe of her noble gesture!

Two months back, Aparna walked into a beauty parlour in Thrissur and donated her hair to a cancer research centre where wigs for poor cancer patients are made and given free of cost. She didn’t tell anyone about her plans except for the authorities to get permission.

A video of Aparna getting her head tonsured had gone viral on social media, inspiring many to emulate the same.


As per reports, Aparna was inspired to donate her hair after she met a class-5 student who was battling cancer during an awareness drive in a local school. Aparna said, her tonsured head, gives her a great opportunity to experience the feelings of cancer patients and their struggle.

She has donated her hair for the cause on previous occasions too, but this time she gave it all.

Aparna, whose act has brought much praise and attention her way, says that there is no need to ‘imitate’ her act but do something for the poor and needy.

This isn’t the first time her selfless action has received attention. Eleven years ago, she had donated her gold bangles to help three young children get their dead mother’s body released.