A few days back we had reported that the United Kingdom faced the worst KFC chicken shortage for an entire generation but fortunately the crisis is over now. Chicken has returned to hundreds of KFC outlets across the United Kingdom and the consumers are heaving a sigh of relief, especially when KFC won people over with their brilliant apology that had people applauding the chain for their creativity. However, for some people, the crisis was too much to handle and they resorted to drastic measures. A user on eBay is claiming to be selling a crispy chicken recipe that is strikingly similar in taste to the trademark dish sold by the Colonel and his KFC chain of stores. The top-secret seasoning mix that makes KFC’s crispy chicken so good is now up on sale on eBay.

The seller, who uses the name fruishion, appears to be a specialist in selling spices and herbs so they might just have embarked on the secret recipe. A description of the recipe reads, “Three delicious mouth-watering chicken breadings that are full of flavour and easy to use to re-create your favourite high street fried chicken take away at home, not only just great for chicken thighs, legs and wings, try with chopped or sliced chicken breast for crispy coated nuggets and goujons, or cooked potatoes and mushrooms for dipping into your favourite sauce.” KFC Apologizes for Running Out of Chicken With a Cheeky Ad in the Newspaper, Twitterati Forgives Them Calling it Brilliant

The seasoning mix ad on eBay

kfc recipe

The seasoning mix that is up for sale can be bought for £3.29 for a 250g bag up to £49.99 for a 20kg bag. KFC’s crispy chicken recipe is top secret and the firm famously keeps it under lock-and-key and has been classified more highly than state secrets since the 1940s. The seasoning mix comes in southern fried, hot and spicy or piri piri varieties.