The Valentine’s Day is around the corner and everybody is gearing up to present gifts, chocolates, and roses to their loved ones. However, Kim Kardashian West has gone one step further, she is gifting her friends, lovers and haters everybody some love this Valentine’s Day and according to her, there is no ulterior motive here. Kim Kardashian West has released a range of “Kimoji Hearts” perfumes in keeping with the approaching Valentine’s Day and is going all out to publicize the fragrances. Her fragrances are labeled BFF, BAE, and Ride or Die and she is gifting them to her friends, lovers and haters.

Kim Kardashian sent some PR sets of these fragrances in actual chocolate hearts and celebrities were given a small mallet to smash open these boxes and find the perfumes inside. Kim Kardashian posted on one of her social media sites, “Whether it’s your BAE, BFF or Ride or Die, there is a fragrance for everyone.” Kim Kardashian West explained in her Instagram story that it wasn’t just her friends who were receiving the hearts but she would also be sending them to her haters as well. She wrote, “I’m going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of because it’s Valentine’s Day after all.” Priyanka Chopra Asked Twitterati For Their Random Thoughts and They Happily Obliged With Funny and Hilarious Ones 

The fragrances

Kim Kardashian West’s list of recipients

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Kim Kardashian is sending her love to everybody

Watch Paris Hilton brake open the Kim Kardashian PR Box

BAE is available now

Kim Kardashian is apparently sending her perfumes to a whole load of people and the obvious ones included in the list are her sisters Kendall Jenner, friend Chrissy Teigen and her ride or die partner Paris Hilton. The names are written on colour-coded notes but the interesting bit is that it includes Taylor, Wendy Williams, Pink, Blac Chyna, Sharon Osbourne and others who are not exactly known to be best friends with Kim Kardashian.