Game of Thrones, the most successful fantasy drama show has come to an end after the 8-year run and now the videos and memes are taking over the internet. A few days back, Kit Harrington’s reaction was captured in a video during the script reading. His reaction on killing Daenerys aka Mother of Dragons near the Iron Throne left him emotional and in shock. The clip took the internet by storm and went viral instantly.

Though the show got mixed reactions on the finale season and millions of people started a petition for the remake of the fantasy drama, the twist of Jon Snow killing Daenerys was even emotional for GOT fans.

Now, the creative minds of Twitter have turned the viral expressions of Kit into hilarious memes. While many related the meme to examination stress, some have related to their monthly income versus their EMI’s.

Check out the Hilarious memes here:

GOT have been into the buzz for the bloopers spotted on the show. First, it was a scene in the episode featured a Starbucks Coffee cup kept in front of Daenerys Targaryen in the Winterfell and later it was the water bottles that the makers of the fantasy drama series appeared to have forgotten to remove.

The last season premiered internationally on April 14. The global demand for the premiere of the final season exceeded the global premiere demand of every other TV series — setting a new Guinness World Record. In 2019, there have been 100 million tweets about “Game of Thrones”. The most tweeted about characters during the finale were Jon Snow, Bran, Drogon, Sansa and Daenerys.