Kolkata: In a move to make crime detection easier, the Kolkata Police is now planning to install more hi-tech cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) and face recognition facility.

According to police commissioner Anuj Sharma, the city police has already installed 3,000 closed circuit cameras. The cameras will be utilised for a multitude of purposes: to conduct raids, record witnesses and suspects. The cameras will also help senior police officials to monitor the raids without actually going to the spot.

“We are expanding it. Recently, you have seen instances of crime detection by analysing the CCTV footage,” he said, referring to the recent sexual assault case in Panchashayar of south Kolkata.

Taking into account the Hyderabad rape and murder case, Kolkata Police has also decided to set up a dedicated squad for safety of women in the city. The squad comprising 75 teams will patrol the city round the clock to prevent any harassment and atrocities on women, according to a report in the Deccan Herald.

“If I have data, the data is also there with this kind of cameras, they do the matching. With the installation of such cameras, catching those indulging in anti-social acts will become simpler,”the commissioner said.

In 2017, the Kolkata traffic police personnel were given body cameras to monitor the traffic situation on the ground.