Kolkata: In a shocking case, a Kashmiri doctor practising in Kolkata, became the victim of fraud and blackmailing after a woman posing as a patient duped him.

The incident happened on last Friday after the doctor received a call from a Dumdum-based woman who complained of severe chest pain and requested him to visit her residence. Initially, the doctor refused, but the woman requested him and also promised to pay him Rs 4,500 as his personal visit fees for attending to her at her residence.

When the doctor reached there, he started checking her previous prescriptions, however out of a sudden, the woman started to get close to him and started embracing him. It is then that three persons, claiming to be policemen, barged into the room and forced the doctor to undress. They also took several photographs of the doctor with the woman, to blackmail him later.

The woman then threatened the doctor that she would release the pictures on social media if he does’t pay them Rs 10 lakh. Helpless, the doctor had no other option, but to comply. Since, he was not carrying such a large sum of money, the three men accompanied him to his house to get the extortion money.

On reaching his residence, the doctor took Rs 5,15,000 and his wife’s jewellery worth around Rs 5 lakh to handover to the two men. However, luckily he also managed to inform the police, about the case.

The police reached the doctor’s residence right on time and nabbed the two men and later, the other accused, including the woman, surrendered at a city court. Meanwhile, all the four accused have been granted bail, and an investigation into the matter is ongoing.