August 25: Hindus and Krishna devotees all acorss the world are celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna with great fervour today, on the occassion of Janmashtami. Gaeity and peity are the order of the day for Hindus, as the famous temples of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) also mark the occassion in a unique manner. ISKCON temples in the national capital of Delhi and in Mumbai were beautifully decorated. with ardent Krishna followers thronging the temple from day till night. Devotees can be seen making a beeline to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, on this Holy day, when Lord Krishna- the avatar of Lord Vishnu the creator- was born in Vrindavan.

The ISKCON is known for celebrating the Hindu festival with special fervour. The temple had a series of programmes and events lined up. The society’s temple premises at Mayapur in Nadia district of West Bengal, was lit up with elegant decorations of lights and flowers adorning every inch. The festivities had a special vigour and vibrancy as the temple will also celebrate the divine appearance day of Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, founder Acharya of ISKCON, on Friday. Several spiritual, cultural and devotional programmes took place at the temples. The events are all unique depending on whether the temple is in Mumbai, or Delhi, or somewhere else. ALSO READ: Krishna Janmashtami 2016: Watch live streaming of Lord Krishna birth anniversary celebrations from Mathura, Dwarka, Vrindavan, ISKCON, Art of Living

The ISKCON Mayapur temple saw people throng the premises from all the surrounding areas as well. The temples of ISKCON are known to attract ardent devotees of Krishna who travel thousands of miles to witness the spectacle of grand festivities. Their temples in India especially attarct huge crowds from all over the world to witness the priests chanting mantras and sing praises of the naughty and most charming of all Hindu Gods, Lord Krishna.