Just when we thought nation’s biggest mystery, why Kattappa killed Baahubali was solved with the release of SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 movie, the netizens were in for a new puzzle – Why did Viswatappa kill Arvindbali? Who are these two new characters doing rounds in the Twitterverse? Is Rajamouli bringing the third movie after Baahubali 2: The Conclusion? Well, NOPE. The two people in question are Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal who are making headlines for alleged clash within Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The senior leader Kumar Vishwas was rumoured to separate from the party after being alleged to create a coup within AAP against party head and Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal. But the crisis has been averted, and all is fine. What is making a buzz on the social media is a hilarious picture of the two political figures in a Bahubali inspired meme.

AAP leader Kumar Vishwas came under scanner when legislator Amanatullah Khan accused him of plotting a coup against Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal. It did not go down well with the poet and political figure who demanded a strict action against the legislator for making the serious accusations. The matters seem to go out of hands when Kumar Vishwas refused to attend AAP’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC). It was only after AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan resigned and the party ‘pacified’ Kumar to somewhat do the damage control.

While coming out of the PAC meeting, Amanatullah Khan remained firm on his claims made about Kumar Vishwas and was quoted saying, “I stand by what I said about Vishwas. He is working at the behest of the BJP and RSS.” Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia trying his best to cover up the matter in the best interest of the party said, “No MLAs, workers should give public statements. We need to have trust in the party. If there is any issue, talk to Arvind Kejriwal.”

kattappa killed bahubali

Amidst the political drama in AAP, a meme inspired by Bahubali 2 movie’s cliffhanger – Kattappa Killed Bahubali showed Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal. The news of Amanatullah Khan’s strong claims of Kumar Vishwas planning a coup against Arvind Kejriwal quickly spread like wildfire on the internet and hence the birth of this fascinating meme. Just like loyal Kattappa (Sathyaraj) backstabbed Baahubali (Prabhas), the photo showed Kumar stabbing Kejriwal. Don’t we love the creative (at times, idle) minds on the internet, who do not fail to amaze us.