A Kurdistan man has been slammed online after video emerged of him smashing a cake into his pet lion’s face before breaking out in frenzy. The viral video that is making rounds on social media shows a group of men gathered around the pet ‘lion’ one man yells “Happy birthday!” and hits the lion on the face with the cake.

The man who owns the lion is Blend Brifkani from Kurdistan and he calls him Leo. Shocking lion retreats and tries to wipe the cake away from its face while the men laugh hysterically. Blend Brifkani follows the lion around as the animal cowers, trying desperately to escape the room while the men continue to taunt it.

The video was shared by a Twitter user Daniel Schneider‏. He wrote, “Each and every person in this video needs to have cake thrown in their face, every hour on the hour, for the rest of their lives. Why is it so hard to #BeKindToAnimals”.

The video has been shared and retweeted by upset internet users almost 5,058 retweets and 14,820 likes since it was posted.

Watch it here:


Angry netizens are criticising the man for torturing the big cat, Check reactions here: