Rapper Badshah’s song DJ Waley Babu featuring Aastha Gill was a smash hit of 2015. However dumb the song may sound, it was a chartbuster in the party circuit. So much so that, there was a spoofy but fun version to DJ Waley Babu, called Fashion Waley Babu. FACE PALM. What to do? That’s what the janta likes.

But we think differently, and we feel the recent viral video of desi aunties singing DJ Waley Babu sounds better! It is much more melodious, thanks to better trained voices perhaps. These women have given a nice desi twist to the wannabe hip-hop number. Badshah should take a look at it!

If you still wanna listen to the original  DJ Waley Babu song, click here. Or else, you must watch the Indian version rendered in such a wonderful way by these ladies. The rustic Indian folk touch added by them is really cool, something like Sneha Khanwalkar’s Chutney music. Do take a look, and let us know which DJ Waley Babu you liked better!