Well, this is something you should not be doing ever – hitting on your boss’ wife, even by mistake! But job portal Shine.com seems to think otherwise. In their new television commercial (TVC) series titled Lag Gayi Vaat, the popular portal for special job offers says you can do whatever you want without the fear of losing your job. In their latest TVC of the series, titled Naagin Dance, Shine.com shows a man (played by actor Jaaved Jaffrey) enjoying at an office party. He is doing Bollywood’s famous Naagin Dance, where one has to dance like a snake.

And just as a snake would do, this man is busy trying to look for victims to bite with his fangs (his hands). But the guy lands in trouble, as the one he ends up ‘biting’ turns out to be his boss’ wife! Dejected as he is that he would lose his job, this idiot of an employee is comforted by the Shine.com mouse mascot. He is urged to download a Shine.com app where he would magically land a new job!

Watch this stupid but fun commercial of Shine.com here.