Laadli is a song video which beautifully talks about the power of women. The video revolves around the theme of  women’s empowerment by narrating the story of an young lady. It conveys the different roles played by a women in a society. It also tells how women mould themselves according to situation and transforms to suit the occasion.

‘Laadli’ is the Raunaq of Life is a delightful video directed by Bejoy Nambiar. While Kapil Sibal wrote the touching lines, A.R. Rahman gave it music and the nightingale of Indian, Lata Mangeshkar lend her voice. The brilliant cinematography and striking choreography are key elements which has brought the video to life.

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In this era where violence against women are increasing day by day and no firm stand is taken to protect her, there should come more such videos which will open their eyes and change their idea of a woman. Being in a country with a lot of cultural values and integrity, it is a shame that majority of the population does not bother to follow it.

This video is dedicated to #VogueEmpower which is a new women-centric initiative started by Vogue to celebrate their seventh anniversary this October.