As we embark upon the new year, a new era begins with plenty of luck, optimism as well as some challenges. Here’s your horoscope prediction for 2020, check what the stars have in store for Leos in the new year.

Will 2020 be a lucky year?

There are many worries you might have about someone very close to you. This year you will see the universe align and take care of all those worries for you. You are on a path of great success and the opportunities coming your way are life-changing. Be prepared for a whirlwind of a year and when you look back on it in December you will find yourself on a height you’ve never imagined you would achieve.

Love and Relationships

You are so confident that you are loved by everyone that you tend to act reckless with your relationships. For the most part your loved ones will always stay devoted to you but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel hurt by your actions or lack of sometimes.

You have a magnetic personality and character and a good heart so this is why you are so beloved. Try to spend more time and attention on your loved ones.

Dreams and Aspirations

You have big dreams and aspirations and while others are too afraid to go after the things you want, you are fearless and confident that you will achieve them. Those with great success are often people who take the daunting road of life.

Do not worry about others who will try to bring you back to reality and tell you that your dreams are unrealistic. The universe is on your side and you are your greatest asset. Success is yours for the taking.

For Leos in 2020, the planets have aligned to bring forth a year of luck, optimism, expansion, cheerfulness, as well as work capacity, but you must be careful of temptations and act cautiously no matter what, proceed in a level-headed manner without haste.

Lucky Colour: Pink