Our culture teaches us to treat guests like God and we do everything in our capabilities to give them the best comfort. What if that guest turns out to be a leopard and not a human being? Yes, our culture certainly didn’t guide us about such situations!

A family in Maharashtra’s Pimpalagaon was frightened to see that a leopard had joined them on the dinner table. Turns out that a giant leopard entered their house when they were having dinner peacefully. The leopard reportedly followed the family’s doggo and stepped in. However, thanks to the stars and the smart people of the family all of them escaped unhurt. The family members quietly and safely exited the house and locked the leopard inside. They then called the forest department and the animal charity welfare SOS was also alerted.

A report in News18 revealed that the family was too scared for words but they applied their brains and escaped the premises before anything unfortunate could happen. Nearly 700 people from around gathered around the house to have a glimpse of the animal locked up inside. The Scotsman talked to Dr Ajay Deshmukh, a senior vet who was present during the rescue operation of the tiger. He revealed that the operation became very difficult because the presence of 700 people made leopard uneasy and distressed.

Later, when they opened the door of the bedroom, they found the leopard sitting atop a cupboard. They shot the four-year-old animal with a tranquilizer and took him for a medical check-up before releasing him in the forest. It was around a three-hour-long operation at the end of which no one got hurt and things went back to normal (hopefully).

As revealed by Dr Deshmukh, incidents like these are quite common in the area and the people living there have been given enough education through awareness programs to deal with such situations. Well, does this give you goosebumps?