The Viral Fever (TVF) videos are back again with an ode to all mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day! This video shows everything revolving around the important role of mothers. And since some things are special, they don’t deserve a Qtiyapa video like their earlier known spoof ‘Bollywood Aam Admi’.

In the video titled Life of Aai, rhyming with Ang Lee’s Oscar Award-winning movie Life of Pi, God cribs about how he doesn’t need a mom in this world anymore. God goes on to convince her to be someone else in the next birth.

He goes on to say, “I am supposed to be kind and benevolent. I am supposed to be God for God’s sake! Aur ye kya gossip chal raha hai dharti pe? Maa ke charnon mein swarg hai? Mai pagal hun jo heaven ke plot pe itna kharch kiya?”

Check out the epic conversation between a mother and God who is insecure of a mother’s love and sacrifices! Watch video!