The Life Sahi Hai guys are celebrating the Valentine’s Day! But guess what kind of guy know the value of having a date for Valentine’s Day? Well watch the brand new episode of Life Sahi Hai, The Valentine’s Day to know! This time the guys have their own plan for Valentine’s Day. Although the three of them have chalked out their plans, their plans go for a toss in a hialrious way!

Amit obviously wants to spend the day with his girl friend Shruti. Where as the forever alone Sahil and Siddharth have never dated a girl, so they have no other option, but to go on about there day pretending its just another day. (ALSO READ: Life Sahi Hai Episode 2: Sahil and Siddharth’s boss is too tough to handle!).

But the one who always gets lucky with girls, Jasjit needs to figure out how to spend his day and with whom! You will chuckle about the multiple date situation and whole situation of the three guys and how they deal with the day. Watch the episode below to know who amongst them is most likely to get lucky on “The Valentine’s Day”? (ALSO READ: Pyaar Ka Punchnama gang is back with new web series Life Sahi Hai! Watch it here).