A man from Norway received the shock of his life while he was trying to film lighting from his backyard. Daniel Modol was standing on the terrace of his house in Gjerstad to record thunderstorm in the green mountainous location when the most unpredicted incident occurred. As the man was trying to record flashes of lightning, it hit a clothes line in the backyard just five meters away. The lightning which lit the sky had taken away a small part of his backyard. The lightning bolt struck less than 20 feet away on the other side of the terrace. The intensity of the lightning left broken pieces of wood flying in the air. Daniel even lost control of his camera and when he regained the porch looked different.

The video in the later part shows grey smoke rising out of the burnt object. Following the lighting, Daniel decided to get inside of the house to avoid any disaster. In the video, he is heard telling someone, “I think we should move away some.” As per reports, electrical wires in his house were also burnt, however, fortunately, no one was injured. Twitter to help map Northern Lights

Here is the video:

Lightning travels quickly to earth and can be five times hotter than the summer. Reportedly, an estimated 24,000 people die each year after being hit by lightning. It is advised not to use electrical equipment during thunder lightning as it may prove disastrous.  Buildings nowadays are made with lightning protection which is designed to send the lightning current to earth causing no harm to its inhabitants.