A popular Canadian-Indian comedian and YouTube star Lilly Singh drops her ‘Superwoman’ name, and wants people to know her as just ‘Lilly’. Singh, who used the tag for almost a decade, took to Instagram to announce that, “Today my biggest and best super powers lay within Lilly and thus Lilly I shall be. Aka new handle is @Lilly. Wooop! Woop! Holla atcha girlllll 💃🏽💪🏽❤️.”

Lilly also said that while starting YouTube channel, she had not put much thought into her famed name, and just wanted it to match her MSN messenger handle.

The Instagram post starts with, “Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is @Lilly. •••••••
Nine years ago I decided to make a YouTube channel and thought nothing of it. I didn’t think it would alter my life path, turn into a career and to be honest I didn’t even think I’d upload more than five videos. When prompted to choose a username I instinctively typed Superwoman because it had been my MSN messenger screen name (shoutouts millennials).”

Lilly further explained the born of Superwoman, “Based on a song by Lil Mo and Fabulous, I used to call myself Superwoman growing up because like any kid I wanted so badly to deal with life’s obstacles like a hero. As I grew up, I held on to this belief that everyone could be their own superhero. Until this day I truly believe that we have all the tools we need to be our own saving grace. It’s been heartwarming and empowering to hear people address me as Superwoman, a name I worked so hard to live up to. But today as I type this, as the person I’ve grown into, I feel even more empowered by the name Lilly. Lilly has become an even bigger hero than Superwoman on this journey through my life. Lilly encompasses everything it took to get to where I am… and it’s a place I’m proud to be. And so at this time, it feels right to give thanks to the moniker Superwoman and to lay the cape to rest. Today my biggest and best superpowers lay within Lilly and thus Lilly I shall be. Aka new handle is @Lilly. Wooop! Woop! Holla atcha girlllll 💃🏽💪🏽❤️.”

Lilly Singh, on a professional front, will soon turn a Late Night host with A Little Late with Lilly Singh. It will stream in September on the 1:30 am spot, which is currently occupied by Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC.