Treating fans after what seemed like a never-ending hiatus, YouTube sensation Lilly Singh finally dropped another video on her channel which is breaking the Internet for its horror content ahead of the Halloween. Presented by ‘Warner Mothers’, Lilly is back to grip fans with “the newest horror movie” which she shared on her official YouTube channel and added in the description that she “peed my pants just typing this. Happy Halloween rebels”.

Opening to grim music and dimly lit scenes, typical of any horror movie, the drawer full of daggers, screams and baited breaths as she hid under the bed all amplified the haunted scenes. Taking to her Instagram handle, Lilly shared the video and captioned it, “This Halloween, watch the scariest horror movie ever created. You’re a naughty and rebellious teenager and your mom knows what you did last night. THE TERROR. Watch the full trailer on my YouTube channel or click the link in my bio. If you don’t, you’ll have 7 years of getting slapped upside your head with a slipper. SO DO IT (sic).”

Watch Lilly’s latest video here:

The Bawse girl, Lilly Singh, is everywhere on the Internet as she juggles talk shows, YouTube channel content and award nights, all while slaying effortlessly and leaving fans drooling. Recently, the diva was at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards where she was seen sporting faux bangs unlike her signature braid or high ponytail and grabbed eyeballs for her sultry look as she posed for the shutterbugs on the purple carpet.

Lately, she has been into the buzz for her disrespectful turban joke that she has made on her first-ever talk show on NBC, A Little Late With Lilly Singh. Now, she has apologised for her remark on social media in a long post. She wrote, “In a recent episode of my show, I stupidly made a comparison about turbans that I’d like to apologize for. My guest was explaining how her kids were embarrassed I saw them with towels twisted on their heads and I said ‘don’t worry, it’s like my Punjabi friends.’ In the moment, my thought process was ‘don’t be embarrassed! I think that’s dope.’ But in hindsight, I recognize that was a disrespectful and problematic joke to make that has a lot of painful history behind it. And I’m very sorry.”

She recently ditched her pseudo name, Superwoman and as fans address the Youtuber with her first name now, Lilly Singh added another feather to her cap by hosting NBC’s talk show where Lilly is slaying like never before.

The star’s A Little Late with Lilly Singh streams on NBC at the 1:30 am spot. It was aired in India on September 21 and will continue to stream on Star World channel in the country.