You must have heard about record-breaking longest masala dosa or probably the biggest omelet or the biggest pizza but chef Sarvesh Jadhav of Austin 40 Cafehouse has set his sights on making a record of smallest pizzas. The Limca Book of Records will be recording this feat. Under the tutelage of Sarvesh Jadhav 20-25 chefs made 4000 pizzas of only 1-inch diameter and distributed it among the children of an orphanage in Pune. The idea of creating these minute pizzas came from chef Sarvesh Jadhav who wanted to give a treat to the orphanage children and also make them taste a pizza because they will never be able to eat a pizza at a pizzeria ever.

This unique record was made by the Austin 40 Café in Pune and the event unfolded on December 26, 2017. The idea was that although records have been made for the highest, longest or the biggest things not many people venture on to smaller things and that was what the chefs at Austin 40 cafehouse wanted to undertake. With 1 inch pizzas, they made around 4000 small pizzas that would eventually be relished by children at the orphanage in Pune. The event was captured live and promoted on media as well. Guinness World Record: Indian Martial Arts Master Wins Title For Most Walnuts Crushed By Hand

The event notification:

Watch the making of the record:

The record was entered into Limca Book of Records and now Austin 40 Cafehouse along with its chefs hold the record of making 4000 1 inch pizzas.