A video that is doing rounds on the internet shows a lion attacking its keeper during a live performance in front of the audience. The shocking incident which has gone viral on the internet happened in Buffalo Circus in Doullens, northern France. The lion tamer was shocked when the animal pounced on him in middle of the circus. The lion attacked the man and bit his throat in front of horrified children. People can be seen running away with their children after the animal lost control of the animal. To distract the animal smoke was then pumped into the arena after which the man crawled to safety.

The man was immediately rushed to hospital after he was seriously injured in the neck. As per reports the tamer was ‘deeply wounded’ by the lions ‘claws and fans’. The video was captured on camera by a spectator who posted it on Facebook. He shared the video saying that it is his daughter who is screaming in the video. The video which was posted on May 7 has over 99,000 views. Full video: White tiger kills a mentally unstable man in Delhi zoo

Here is the full video. Due to graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

In a similar incident, a tiger had attacked a man in Delhi after he fell into the animal’s enclosure. Unfortunately, the youth was killed after the animal mauled on him. The video of the big cat attacking the man in 2014 had also gone viral then. While some said the man was drunk others said that he was clicking photos of the tiger when he accidentally fell from the fencing.