A cute little 5-year-old boy from Afghanistan, Murtaza Ahmadi became popular by imitating his soccer hero, Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona. As he is not from a well to do family, so on Murtaza’s request his elder brother Homayoun made a jersey with the name Messi across the front by using a blue and white striped plastic bag.

When his brother uploaded a video of Murtaza kicking the ball on Facebook, it went viral and caught the attention of the world’s best soccer player. The story of the boy escalated as the video and photograph spread quickly across social media. Few years ago, Taliban- controlled Afghanistan did not see many children playing soccer. Rather than any sporting events the main stadium in

Kabul was used for executions. But recently a small boy from the rural Jaghori district in the province of Ghazni dreams big and he wants to become the next great soccer player.

“I wear this plastic bag shirt for Messi. I would like to meet him. I love him so much,” he said to Voice of America. Murtaza’s father, Mohammed Arif Ahmadi said “I want my son to bring pride to the country and play in the international football matches one day.”

Afganisthan face so many troubles everyday but this story of Murtaza shows that for the coming generation there is still some ray of hope. It is so possible that this little dreamer can become the next Lionel Messi from Afghanistan. This cute little star has already stolen Lionel Messi’s heart and ours too, soon this 5 years old going to meet his soccer hero.