Listen: Anesthesiologist's rude remarks on male patient's genitals costs the doctor her job!

An anesthesiologist named Tiffany M Ingham lost her job when the rude remarks she made on her male patient’s genitals were leaked – as recorded by the patient on his mobilephone. The patient was undergoing colonoscopy at a ‘medical suite’ in Reston, Virginia in USA, and had put his phone on ‘record’ mode before he was anaesthetised. He did that hoping to capture instructions from his physicians post operation. But when he heard the recording, he was shocked.

The audio of the recording, posted on Washington Post, is now on YouTube. The anesthesiologist may have to pay the patient USD 500,000 in damages after having passed nasty comments on the patient’s genitals – “His penis has tuberculosis” – and even that he may have the sexually transmitted disease of Syphilis.

The female anesthesiologist was formerly with the Air National Guard and her callous comments indeed have shocked patients and the medical fraternity alike. Listen to her remarks here.