India is a lovely land of colours, traditions, cultures, languages and celebrations. Every corner in the country is celebrating something of cultural and traditional significance every second day. The major festive season in the country has begun and recently, the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations took place in Maharashtra and parts of other states. A video from the Ganpati festivities is now going viral on social media. It’s a cute video that shows a girl child trying to play her tiny drums dressed traditionally in bright clothes while taking part in the celebrations.

The video was originally shared by a Twitter user who goes by the handle Shivangell. The tweet that she first made on September 12 has so far received 2.3K likes 643 shares. It’s something that’ll surely brighten up your Sunday. Check out the viral video here:

People on Twitter just can’t stop adoring the little girl in the video and her dedication towards following the exact drum beats and dance steps. Check out these comments:

The little girl’s energy and dedication in the video are totally commendable and she looks oh-so-adorable in that kid version of the traditional Maharashtrian outfit. The video also signifies innocence and India’s love for traditions.