With so many disputes, terror attacks and land conflicts, the tension between India and Pakistan has only risen higher in the recent times. In such times, where many people are losing faith in humanity, there still exist men who are trying their hard to prove that humanity is still there and are urging people to look beyond those artificial boundaries and help the one in need.

As we celebrate our Independence Day tomorrow, film-maker Ashvin Kumar wants us to forget all our disbeliefs and hatred and watch his 2004 short film “Little Terrorist”. This short film was also nominated for the prestigious Academy Awards in the year 2005.

The short film is about a young Pakistani boy accidentally crossing the border and coming to India and how an old Brahmin man and his niece help him to go back to his nation. The short film shows preconceived notions of the man and his niece against Muslims, but how purely on the grounds of humanity they help the young boy to return to his land.

The film shows that we all are the same, but due to artificial boundaries we are differentiated. To see this beautiful story watch the video below.