July 15: What does it mean to love someone truly and with all your heart? The idea of loving someone sure seems very beautiful but its is equally difficult. There are a lot of compromises that are to be made everyday. But in the end it’s all worth it, right?

This ad by online shopping brand OLX, shows what it means to sacrifice big and small things, for the sake of the happiness of the one you love. It follows the story of a young couple who are ready to do anything to make each other’s dreams come true, even if that means sacrificing their own dreams.  Read: 75 year old love affair ends: Watch the video to know the astonishing ‘Last Wish’

The girl who is a photographer secretly enters her boyfriend’s paintings in an art competition in London, which gets selected and he is invited to participate in the competition. But unfortunately, they cannot afford the price of the travel to London. What the couple does to turn the situation around, is extremely heart warming.

This beautiful story of a painter and a photographer and their exceptional love will make your heart melt!