Debates on Indian television channels are just getting crazier by the day. The journalism is not enough as panelists and sometimes even the host loses composure and starts hurling abuses. We are not talking about a certain English new channel, it’s a Hindi channel and surprisingly enough it’s not IndiaTV either.

IBN7’s Aaj ka Mudda show had a panel discussion on the racy images and the controversy surrounding Radhe Maa. It soon got out of hand and people had to intervene on the live show to stop the panelists from embarrassing themselves. The miscreants involved in the fiasco were Baba Om Ji and astrologer Deepa Sharma.

Things started going sour when Baba Om Ji made personal comments on Deepa Sharma. The host tried to put him right in his place but just moments after the attack on her dignity, Deepa Sharma got up and unhooked her microphone. She went up to Baba Om Ji and smacked him on the shoulder ranting about his lack of respect for woman. What happened next needs to be seen to be believed.