LIVE: Railway Budget 2014 (Video)

Railways Minister DV Sadananda Gowda’s maiden budget presentation in Lok Sabha was the will be the most anticipated announcement. The backbone of the travel, the railways carry 23 million passengers a day, but still there are a lot of people who have not set a foot on the trains said Sadananda starting with his railway budget presentation. Even though the freight business has gone up steadily over the years the India railways’ carry 31% of the freight carried by all modes, so the railways has to shift focus to the freight. In 1950 90% of the freight was carried by rail and now it has tumbled down. Thus the main target is to become largest freight carrier in the world. The magnitude of dilapidated state is to be revived and that is where the challenge lies. The new proposition will boost the revenues in the Rail Budget and a major thrust to the Indian railways. The new Budget might turn out to be the optimized Rail movement for the nation. Watch the video to know more.

Watch the live Rail Budget 2014 video below!