If you are still in a trauma after watching and listening to Taher Shah’s latest video song Angel, we present you another video featuring the same song. But this time there’s a twist. The lyrics of the song are read by singer Ali Zafar in his latest video. Actor Ali Zafar shared this video on his Facebook page.

When Ali Zafar reads out the lines from Taher Shah’s song Angel, you’ll find how deep and intense was the meaning of the song. Ali Zafar made it sound so dramatic that you’ll be awe-struck and go rofl till the end. (ALSO READ: Taher Shah’s second song Angel is going viral!)

If you want Taher Shah’s voice to get out of your head do listen to Ali Zafar’s version of reading the lyrics of the song. It will definitely help you to get over Taher Shah’s not at all honeyed voice.

By: Pooja Darade

Watch the video below: