May 1: Barack and Michelle Obama have hardly been the ‘normal’ American President and the First Lady- in the sense that they have been extraordinarily cool! Whether it be Barack Obama’s easy and natural sense of humour that has reflected multiple times in his speeches, or it be Michelle Obama’s initiatives and her unique approach to things- this couple has made us realise time and again, that the world is a little bit more awesome, because of their existence.

This time Obamas have proven yet again that they are as cool as Presidents and First Ladies come. At the Obama’s final annual White House Correspondents’ dinner on Saturday, Barack Obama dropped a hilarious video which laid to rest all the queries anyone might ever have had about what he is going to do, once he is relieved of the Presidential duties. The video begins with Barack brooding over a journalist’s snide remark, saying that he is ‘about to go from Commander-in-chief to couch commander’. Also Read: Michelle Obama features in rap video to inspire you to go to college

After trying quite a lot of options like taking a job as a sports coach (‘Well let’s just say I coached my daughters’ team a few times’) and trying (unsuccessfully) to get a license so he could take up driving, he tries a bit of Snapchat from his wife Michelle Obama’s phone- with catastrophic results. After that attempt at ‘enjoyment’ also bombs, he turns for advice towards  John Boehner, former Republican Speaker of the House, who also happens to be in not-so-good terms with Obama in real life.

The duo meet for a movie- Toy Story- and Obama narrates his woes to Boehner, and asks for his advice. Boehner who had a fallout with Obama, says to him in he video, “So now you want my advice?” The bromance of the real life political opponents is endearing and refreshing. Watch the video yourself to know what Obama settled for in the end!