LOL! Two kids take the case of Raghu Ram, the man behind MTV Roadies! (Watch video)

We know you hated him, and some of you loved him, for the way he treated the contestants of popular show MTV Roadies – a show he started. Contestants were treated badly, with Raghu Ram (and later his twin Rajiv Lakshman) even swearing at the young kids who auditioned for a part in the super competitive reality show. But more people hated Raghu, so much so that there was even an app on the MTV Roadies website then to give Raghu a ‘One tight slap’.

But here is the all-knowing, swearing Raghu, being taken to task by two kids! ScoopWhoop brings to you a special video where Raghu is grilled by two children, who ask him all kinds of questions about his personal life! Raghu doesn’t do badly here even revealing his full name!

He is also tested on his general knowledge, and he does well in the GK. We love the way Raghu behaves all scared in front of the kids, as if he were auditioning for his own MTV Roadies! He also humours them, although they don’t get all the jokes.

Btw, Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman are no longer part of the MTV show. But they are identified with it, even though they have pursued other interests like the movies. Watch this fun video of Raghu Ram being grilled by two children – he happily lets them take his case!