The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan took to Twitter on Sunday to announce the latest addition to his family, a fur ball, a puppy named Luna Khan. The Mayor of London shared a picture of the puppy on his social media micro-blogging site and captioned the photo as, “Saadiya and I are very excited to announce a new addition to the family……meet Luna Khan!” The Mayor is a huge lover of dogs and has a large club of pet dogs. The 47-year-old leader loves dogs and joins a long list of world leaders who have dogs as pets like Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and even Vladimir Putin. The new puppy is melting hearts on Twitter and Sadiq Khan’s post has swiftly gone viral. The puppy Luna is making everyone go ‘aww’ on the internet.

The puppy has been named Luna Khan and joins Sadiq Khan’s other dogs including Lola Osborne and Rocky Brabin. Rocky Brabin even won the 2017 Westminster Dog of the Year award. The Mayor’s tweet swiftly went viral and people wasted no time in welcoming the new puppy. The new puppy is surely making people go ‘aww’. People were busy commenting and replying to Sadiq Khan’s tweet and some even shared pictures of their own pets. Dog Owners Live a Longer and Healthier Life According To Study

Sadiq Khan’s tweet

Sample a few tweets from the Twitterati below.

Cutest Mayor ever

From one Luna to another

The other Luna

Talking about Dog Politics

Heartiest Congratulations


However, there were quite a few who espoused hatred and venom in their tweets and brought in the unnecessary religion angle to a simple and loving gesture. We will not bother including those tweets here because the world needs more love than hatred and Sadiq Khan’s Luna is really very cute to spoil all the fun.