If you have been looking for an upgrade in the bedroom in terms of your love life or just furniture, founder Gaurav Singh has the answer in the form of LoveRollers a ‘lovemaking furniture’ company based out of Delhi. LoveRollers boasts of having furniture that will make more than 100 sexual Kama Sutra positions possible.

According to the information available on the official website of LoveRollers, “The LoveRollers Products is going to world-renowned and research-based love making products that are going to revolutionize the way we make love and will take loving couples on an exquisite and life-changing journey.”

As India is one of the largest youth populations in the world people are coming up with creative products to help couples enhance their lovemaking skills.

According to an interview in Quartz, Gaurav said, “Flatbeds don’t support most of the positions and the preparation to make them happen is a tedious and boring task. That simply kills the fun of it.”

The website was launched last month and is already receiving orders however in a conservative market like India the vertical of sexual wellness seems relatively unexplored.

He further added while talking to Quartz, “We’re all working on deep technology, deep thinking, and deep networking. But nobody was thinking about how to make relationships better and deeper.” Therefore after graduating from IIT and having a background in product design and working for several years, he decided to make furniture for better lovemaking.

He has three main designs for LoveRollers that vary from Rs. 13000 – 21000. They are similar however come with variations for people with lack of space, for people who want to be discreet there is a two-piece version of LoveRollers to ‘plug and play’ as well.

The global sexual wellness industry is expected to reach 37.19 billion by 2022 as per Arizton market reports. This opens up many opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to tap this vertical.