The US incursion of Afghanistan was widely covered by the media. The drone footage or the Call of Duty-like footage from Black Hawk helicopters was common on CNN and BBC but have you ever seen footage of a soldier’s raid via their helmet cameras? During one of he several raids in Afghanistan, a lucky Marine survived a head shot that could have been fatal to him when a sniper got his team in sights and took a shot.

A Taliban sniper was planted on a roof at a strategic position to the tunnel that the Marines were coming out of. The team of three Marines were in an aggressive assault formation as they made their way through what looks like storage tunnels packed with lumber and drums. All three Marines have helmet cameras to record how they react their actions. [Also Read: 37 killed in Taliban siege at Kandahar airport in Afghanistan]

The tunnels cum bunkers are maneuvered by the team as you can hear bullets being shot to suggest beyond any doubt that they are in an active war zone. They come to a clearing at the end of which they would have had to sprint to take cover while they scouted the rooftops and streets for opposition soldiers from the Taliban. Check out the footage and keep an eye on the helmet of the second Marine as they stop to assess their position before continuing their assault.