The lunar eclipse has always been an interesting phenomenon to observe and as today a lunar eclipse will be observed there are some things we must know. Today’s eclipse will be the longest one in the 21st century. The eclipse will last for over 6 hours including the partial phases.

As per many astrologers, we must avoid eating heavy foods and eat light foods that are slightly spicy. One should avoid alcohol, non-vegetarian foods, high protein foods etc.

One should have a sattvic diet as when sunlight is absent bacteria can become active which may affect the food thereby affecting the health. One should drink lots of water and electrolytes to keep oneself hydrated.

In India, an eclipse or grahan is looked at in awe and wonder. As per customs observed in India eating anything during the period of the grahan is strictly forbidden. People generally start fasting for 8 hours before the eclipse.

As per Indian astrology, the celestial bodies like the sun and moon have an effect on our bodies and an eclipse can also have an impact on our bodies.

However many are now debunking this myth and encouraging people to drink and eat so that people avoid dehydration, headaches, acidity, fatigue etc.

The next solar eclipse will take place on August 11, 2018.