When it comes to beauty, people often have some pre-conceived notions. One of the most common among these is that women need to wax their hands, legs and armpits regularly and leave no trace of hair. A woman who doesn’t subscribe to these notions is often subjected to a lot of criticism. This is exactly what happened when Madonna uploaded a picture with her daughter Lourdes on New Year’s Day. In the photo uploaded on Instagram, Madonna’s daughter is seen with unshaven armpits, and this has invited a lot of flak on social media. Some called the ‘hairy pits’ gross while some tried to defend the American singer-songwriter and her daughter. 

Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry: 8 most outrageous looks at the Met Gala 2017!

Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry: 8 most outrageous looks at the Met Gala 2017!

The picture was uploaded by Madonna, 59, two days ago. The photo has already received 5 lakh likes and thousands of comments. The 21-year-old’s Lourdes’ choice to not shave her armpits was met with mixed responses on social media. One loyal fan tweeted that “As long as she uses soap & deodorant it’s all good. Women have been forced to shave. By men to fit an image of what they want women to be. ALL women have hair there. We’re just not used to seeing it.” On the other hand, many advised the young one to either shave it, braid it, curl it or trim it. Some other said that these hairy armpits took the beauty away from the picture.

Here is Madonna’s Instagram photo posted on New Year’s Day:

Check out some of the comments the photograph has received:

Not everyone liked it:

Hygiene matters the most, said some:

Some advised Brazilian waxing:

Some couldn’t bear the sight:

And some wanted to ‘un-see’ the picture:

Interestingly, Madonna herself has done something similar in 2014, when she posted a picture with unshaved armpits. She captioned the picture ‘Long Hair, Don’t Care’. Hollywood Actress Julia Roberts, who rose her arms to wave at crowds on the red carpet for film Notting Hill in 1999, also showed her armpit hair. Lady Gaga, who is known for her offbeat fashion choices, arrived at the Much Music Video Awards performance of 2011 with blue extensions made for her armpits which were the same colour as her hair during the show.

Here is Madonna’s 2014 post with armpit hair:

According to a research published by analysts Mintel, there has been a decline in young women who shaved hair from their legs and underarms. In 2013, 95 percent of women aged 16-24 said they shaved their hair from their underarms. This percentage dropped to 77 in 2016. There has also reportedly been a decline in sales of hair removal products by five percent from 2015 to 2016.