Maharashtra Day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of the state of Maharashtra after its division from Bombay State on May 1, 1960. The day is marked with various cultural events and ceremonies showcasing the culture and traditions of Maharashtra. The state of Maharashtra was made on the basis of languages after defining boundaries under The State Reorganisation Act 1956.  The original state was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat on the basis of people who spoke Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati and Kutchi. The Sanyukta Maharashtra Samiti led the movement at the forefront and divided Bombay State into two states. The Bombay Reorganisation Act of 1960 which resulted in the two separate states of Maharashtra and Gujarat was enacted by the Parliament of Indian on April 25, 1960.

Maharashtra Day is celebrated on the day the act came into effect on May 1, 1960. The government of Maharashtra issues a notice declaring May 1st as a public holiday to celebrate Maharashtra Day. Mosts schools, colleges, offices remain closed on this day under the jurisdiction of the State and central Government. A parade is held at Shivaji Park where the Governor of Maharashtra makes a speech. On this day, the state government and private sector launch new projects and schemes. Liquor sales to Indians are prohibited on this day across Maharashtra. Maharashtra Day Song ‘Maharashtra Desha’ by Mithila Palkar and Gandhaar highlights drought situation in the beautiful Indian state

Celebrations in Maharashtra include traditional Lavani performance, the narration of poetries written by Marathi saints and processions. Maharashtra’s history finds the reference in the 4th century. It has been a part of major dynasty including the Mauryas, Chalukyas, and Satavahanas. Several culture and architecture in the state have been left behind by these dynasties.The day also coincides with International Worker’s Day or Labour Day which is being observed since the 19th century.