Ahmednagar: A video of a farmer in Maharashtra crying over the low price he received for his onion crop has gone viral on social media.

In the video which has taken social media by storm, the farmer who hails from Ahmednagar cries helplessly and says that he had to sell his crop at only Rs 8 per kg. He asks what will he pay to the labourers who picked the onions from the field and how will he meet his own family’s need.

“I had to employ labourers to pick onions from the field in rain. How do I pay them? What should I take home to feed my family?”, the farmer asks. He also complains that the government does not care about the farmers.

The clip was was shared online by several leaders, including Congress’ Priyanka Gandhi and party spokesperson Sunil Ahire.


Sharing the video on Twitter, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra attacked the government and asked, ”What is the plight of farmers under the BJP government? To stop the rising prices of onions, they are being imported, but our farmers do not get the right price for their onions which they have grown with their hard work”.( Tweet translated from Hindi)


Excess rainfall in Maharashtra, the top onion producing state of the country, in August, September, October and even November, destroyed the crops. Several farmers have expressed grave concerns over the rains as most of them are now selling old stocks as all new onions have been damaged.