New Delhi: Expressing confidence that the present situation of turmoil will be overcome soon, legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar on Saturday spoke about the students’ protests rocking the country at present.


“The country is in turmoil. Some of our youngsters are out in the streets instead of being in classrooms and some of them are ending up in hospitals for being out on the streets. Admittedly, the majority is still in classrooms trying to forge a career and to build and take India forward,” he said while delivering the 26th Annual Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial Lecture.

We as a nation can go higher only when we are all together. When each one of us has to be simply Indian, first and foremost. That is what the game taught us. We win when we pull together as one. India has overcome many crises in the past and it will overcome this as well and emerge a stronger nation. We as a nation can go higher only if we are all together

He also cited the example of the 1965 war against Pakistan. “Our minds go back to one such major crisis in 1965 when our neighbours invaded and got a fitting reply.” Later in the programme, Gavaskar urged the students to go back to the classrooms. “I will only tell them to go back to the classrooms. That is their main duty. They have gone to the university to study, so please study,” he said.

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